Setting the docker-sys Network

Hi I am using RancherOS newly, and most things work fine but the System docker creates a vir Interface named docker-sys that is in a private address range (some 172.18… /16 net) but that causes major routing problems with my existing network structure as I have alot of 172.18. sub nets in it. and Rancher needs to pull some informations from machines in that net and cant get a route to it, I tried configuring the System-docker.json like I did with the daemon.json for the user docker but RancherOS seems to ignore these settings when launiching the system-docker.

I also tried to manage some route manually but that is very troublesome and not rly troublefree

Anyone have a fix?


See the three tickets below.

docker-sys purpose is for the system-docker in rancher, different interface than user docker (this is mentioned in 2478, the best ticket for this).

The 2478 gives latest info: