Change master's IP

Hi all,

Is it possible to change the IP of master node?
If i set a new IP in /k3os/system/config.yaml - k3s service fails to start because old IP is defined in etcd database.
Using latest k3os v0.21.5-k3s2r1

Thanks !

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From what I’ve heard, you have to set it up using hostnames in the first place if you expect IPs to change, though I don’t recall what might be needed to have it ignore IPs and only do hostnames. You might try asking in the #k3s channel on Rancher Slack, there are more Rancher employees that respond to things there than here.

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Ok , will try .
Thank You!

Can you point on documentation explaining how to setup with name?
I dont see such option in GitHub - rancher/k3os: Purpose-built OS for Kubernetes, fully managed by Kubernetes. docs.

I’m not sure. I haven’t used K3S aside from a quick Rancher Desktop test. The hostname thing is something I recall some of the Rancher employees mentioning when people asked similar on the Rancher Slack (which gets more traffic from Rancher employees than this forum does).

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