Change Node IP Addresses

Is it possible to change the IP address of the nodes from a rancher deployed cluster? I am running from a vSphere environment and currently control the node IPs via reserved DHCP addresses. We’re in the process of revamping parts of our network and it is looking like I may be forced to move our nodes to a different class C subnet, so new IPs for the nodes. Is this possible without re-deploying the cluster? I can’t readily dig up documentation on this if so.

Following back up on this to bring this back to the top since there was no response the first time. Is it possible to change the IP address of the nodes of a Rancher deployed K8S cluster? I need to shift over to a new subnet for 3 of my clusters that I have deployed and want to see if it’s possible to modify this on the existing clusters, or do I just need to start from scratch and deploy new nodes on this new subnet and then re-deploy all of my workloads onto these new clusters.

EDIT: Or maybe another question would be–is it possible to change from the nodes referencing each other by IP to instead reference each other by FQDN so that I don’t have to care what the IP is and just make sure DNS records are properly updated if I move to a different subnet?

I do not know - haven’t tried doing that. But I suspect it might lead to headaches and issues.

A suggestion - just add new nodes that live on the new network, then drain and destroy the existing nodes. Quick, easy, non-disruptive. Assuming you don’t have too much red tape around server provisioning processes.

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Hadn’t really considered hitting it from that angle. I may attempt that and see how it goes.