changing computer name from user@linux-3yad to user@Beta:

Hello, I would like to change the name of the computer name or host name from the generic name given on installation to one that I set.

The xterm command prompt shows the following

I would like to change the hostname/computer name to Beta so the command prompt looks like:


Any ideas or pointers on how to change the computer name???

I have installed SLED-12 and trying to figure out how to change this since I do not recall seeing the option to name the computer or host during the SLED install process when I upgraded from Tumbleweed. It did not carry over the name of the host/computer during that upgrade.

Thanks you for your input

You can change it via YaST → System → Network Settings and under the Hostname/DNS tab.

There are also hostnames associated with NICs themselves and I’ve had good
luck recently (with SLES 12 SP2 as I recall) changing things there. Yast
does some magic to set the /etc/HOSTNAME file based on one of those.

Good luck.

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