Changing LongHorn mount path on volume

Hi, on a brain new cluster, I’d like longhorn to store files in /data (which is a big fat HD mount point) instead of /var/lib/rancher/longhorn : Any idea (otherwise, it work like a charm) ?
I read the doc, but cant find the edit dick button

Working with :
| RANCHER Version | 2.1.0|
|Longhorn | 0.4.1|
|Docker Version|18.9.5|
|Kernel Version|4.15.0-47-generic|
|Kubelet Version|v1.11.3|
|Kube Proxy Version|v1.11.3|
|Operating System Image|Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS|
|Operating System|linux|

The edit button is at Node page, drop down manual at right.

it’s a menu item now, instead of a button. We will update the doc.

Sorry, can’t see anything…

Please take a look at Longhorn UI… This is Rancher UI.

Sorry : next beer is for me :slight_smile: Thanks !