Changing rancher ui port

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to create centralised tools for my team which will have all the necessary required tools used for k8s such as starboard, rancher UI, Prometheus to have a central point of monitoring all the clusters so I was trying to deploy this Rancher Docs: Install/Upgrade Rancher on a Linux OS I was able to do it and install it but the rancher web UI port opens to only 8443 I wanted to set up a reverse proxy either using Nginx or apache and making route as to open the rancher UI the old documentation talks about changing the port but couldn’t figure out in new documentation. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you and hope to get help soon.

Sunny Patel

You can rewrite the host/port, but using a sub-path (/rancher) is not/will not be supported.

Hi @vincent ,
Can you provide some example of how to do it? how to rewrite the host /port. I am not able to find anything on how to do it.

Thank you and hope to get a reply.