Rancher HA Install - how to access Rancher UI?


I’m installing Rancher 2.0 in HA mode as documented on the Rancher site on a home server. I’ve completed the setup entirely, though one thing I am confused about is how to access the Rancher UI?

If I try to hit the cluster IP then I cannot access it. I’ve tried to add the NodePort option to the helm install command using --set but it doesn’t seem to work. I also tried deploying a NodePort service:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
name: rancher-nodeport
type: NodePort
app: rancher

  • name: rancher
    protocol: TCP
    nodePort: 30001
    port: 80
    targetPort: 80
  • name: rancher-ssl
    protocol: TCP
    nodePort: 30002
    port: 443
    targetPort: 443

The service runs but I can’t connect to the UI.

I’m trying to avoid using the nginx ingress because eventually I want to set up traefik.

Any help would be very appreciated!

for anyone interested, I managed to deploy a nodeport service to redirect port 80 to 30001 and port 443 to 30443. This works!

For a HA set up, typically you would create an external load balancer (Nginx,Traefik, whatever your favourite is) and send your requests to its public endpoint (configured to forward to the Ingress Controller that is automatically created as a Daemonset). Originally the Rancher docs seemed to recommend configuring this as a layer 4 but I’m not sure if that is still the case.

how is this deployment going? im trying to do something similar and would like to see what you did. not going to use nginx either.