Clusters stuck in Removing Phase


I have successfully deployed and purged several Kubernetes clusters with Rancher and VMWare vSphere.
However, there is some clusters that is stuck in “Removing” (one says Updating, but it is Removing).
How can I purge these clusters from Rancher?

The nodes was already deleted from VMWare, so I just need to remove the clusters from Rancher itself.

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Here’s how to manually delete a cluster. Thanks Brad.

kubectl get # find the cluster you want to delete
export CLUSTERID=“c-xxxxxxxxx” #
kubectl patch $CLUSTERID -p ‘{“metadata”:{“finalizers”:}}’ --type=merge
kubectl delete $CLUSTERID
[2.6] Unable to remove cluster · Issue #34650 · rancher/rancher · GitHub


I have not been able to try it because I just purged rancher entirely and reinstalled it.