Unable to delete cluster in rancher 2.6.0

I have tried everything I can think of but I’m unable to delete a downstream cluster. Now, I have more than 20 clusters scheduled for deletion. Everything has been removed, it’s just stuck in rancher for some reason.

I have also opened an issue at [2.6] Unable to remove cluster · Issue #34650 · rancher/rancher · GitHub but there seems to be no response on it anymore.

Can someone tell me the steps to delete a cluster using kubectl in rancher 2.6.0?

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This solution in the comments from the aforementioned issue on github is working just fine for me : rancher 2.6 in standalone docker trying to delete an imported cluster (which was still in state “importing”).
For the record, I had this message in the UI:

{ "type": "error", "links": {}, "code": "PermissionDenied", "message": "Method DELETE not supported", "status": 403 }


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I have the same issue with a K3S provisioning on Jetson Nano.
{ “type”: “error”, “links”: {}, “code”: “PermissionDenied”, “message”: “Method DELETE not supported”, “status”: 403 }