config on nfs client to control the nfs requests rate

We implemented an nfs v3 server at my company and have the following two question w.r.t sles 12 as nfs client.

Is there any configuration on nfs client on sles to control when and how many commit calls can be sent to the nfs server in async write case (nfs v3). In other words, looking for a configuration operation to change the size of the buffer the client keeps to decide when to flush the nfs write payload from the client?
Is there a way to control the rate of nfs requests generated by the nfs client by sending an error message such as NFS3ERR_JUKEBOX from the nfs server?

Hi naveenkothamasu,

from what I can tell, both questions will have to be answered with “no”.

Just out of curiosity: Do you know any (FOSS) NFS client that supports these settings?