configuring smt-agent


I’ve installed an SMT-Server for testing and I want configured a Server (client) that using this SMT-Server. All is working.
But the status of the Client was shown as “unkown” on the SMT-Server.
I installed the package smt-client on the Client and ran the command smt-agent. Now the Status on the SMT-Server is shown.

But now my question.

It there anywhere a good documentation for configuring of the smt-client (smt-agent)
I found the file /etc/sysconfig/smt-client but no manual or readme (rpm -ql smt-client does not ).
There are the parameters to ALLOWED_AGENTS and ALLOWED_CREATEJOB_JOBS
but no real description for the values.

Please can you enlighten me?

Thanks for help


PS: The documentation (smt_sle_11_guide.pdf) did not help…


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Look for this doc: SMT11 Deployment Guide-en_f_en.pdf

“Currently the following types of jobs are relevant:
Execute Run commands on the client
Eject Open, close or toggle the CD tray of the client
Patchstatus Report the status of installed patches
Reboot Reboot the client (requires smt-client-0.0.13-0.1)
Softwarepush Install packages
Update Install available updates (requires smt-client-0.0.13-0.1)”