Connect customer network to stack / service with openvpn / ipsec

Is it possible to use rancher containers as hosted services and connected to the customer network by openvpn / ipsec? It should be a private (routed) subnet between the customer service containers.

can’t use ipsec because rancher use ipsec ports for connectivity rancher-agent and rancher server. and i test udp openvpn solution in rancher- it works for last build openvpn server and client on windows, linux pc, BUT it not works with ios. i dont know why, but when ios device connect to openvpn in authorization section udp datagramm recieved by server twice, and openvpn server think what it is unsecure ande broke connection, i was found some information about network bugs in rancher and docker but rancher team say what they together will try to do networking more clearly and fix errors in future , i think what openvpn will works fine in tcp mode… for this errors i do not recommend use rancher as network service, completely use docker-compose - here networking works more stable yet

Hi @kolesnikovIV,

thank you for your reply.

I wouldn’t need client vpn, but rather a side to side vpn. A remote network should be reach docker container /services routed through a secure openvpn tunnel.