IPSec to local machine or VPN

Hi there!

I wonder if there is a way to run Rancher IPSec tunnel on local machine, so that one could access rancher DNS and other containers in the managed network from the local machine. I’m doing that for now with OpenVPN running on one of the hosts I have, but I wonder if there is a more convenient approach to that.

In general, how would you access internal services running in Rancher cluster from a local machine (for debugging or just playing around).


I am interested in knowing how you are doing this now. Can you share the details?

I basically run an OpenVPN server on one of the servers by using this: https://github.com/mdnsfr/docker-rancher-openvpn and then connect to with Tunnelblick (VPN client for Mac).

I would also appreciate having access to the Rancher Overlay Network over IPSec. The OpenVPN solution works, however its difficult to manage connections while actively interfacing with two separate tunnels available to the Rancher default network.

@Alexandr_Burdiyan Could you share your configurations to enable rancher services to ping my local host?

I’m also using https://github.com/mdnsfr/docker-rancher-openvpn and from my local machine I can ping Rancher containers but from Rancher containers I can’t ping my local machine.

I’ve found only one container that can do it, it’s the vpn container itself but other containers cannot.