Connecting cluster to Rancher - help

Hey there,
I have a k3s cluster (v1.25.4) on my local network for mini-projects and have opted to run Rancher (v2.5.16) on an Oracle Cloud VM (Ubuntu 20.04). I have accessed the Rancher UI via a dedicated IP and port and have tried to add the cluster via importing host, which has been added to the master node of my cluster.

I have added this parameter in the ‘agentimageoverride’ field of the API: rancher/rancher-agent:v2.5.8-linux-arm64

The state of the cluster being added is in pending.

I assume I’ve done something wrong or missed a step (probably something basic).

I was hoping someone could shed some light on how this is done. I think that I need to define a connection between my local network and the hosted VM, otherwise how would they connect?

I have not setup any port forwarding or setup a router-based VPN - is this needed? I’ve exposed several ports on the VM and adjusted the firewalls to enable UI access.

I think I’ve missed something fundamental or basic and wonder if I should just turn on of the Raspberry Pis into a Ubuntu ‘VM’ for the purposes of using Rancher with k3s.

Thanks in advance

Hey Finn,

i have the same issue… do you have any solutions?