Rancher on K3s Raspberry Pi


Does rancher run on k3s on raspberry 4?

yes, i came across this youtube
i built a Raspberry Pi SUPER COMPUTER!! // ft. Kubernetes (k3s cluster w/ Rancher)

i built the cluster but not able to add it into rancher. so many issues

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Thank you for the link. Let’s see if I can help you. What are you trying to do? Manage the local cluster with rancher?

OK so I watched the video. The guy did not install rancher on the k3s cluster which I asked about. He installed rancher on a vm to manage the k3s cluster. That’s different

true. honestly i prefer to have my management vm off the cluster being managed.
but i got my cluster working today and i am about to deploy some test application.
it turn out that ubuntu 20.4 what worked for me.