Connecting Local Rancher Server to a local Docker Registry

Hi all,

First post, I have been using Rancher for about 6 months and have been building catalogs for deploying applications. Up until now I have been pushing code to github that is then built into a container on Travis CI and finally the container is pushed to Jfrog artifactory. My issue is everything I need is right on my local machine, the container, the code, and the catalog. I run Rancher locally and connect to the remote catalog, I have found a way to connect to my local catalog using a volume to mounted where my code for the catalog is (git file:// protocol).

But, I want to eliminate all remote steps. I was hoping to start a docker registry container locally and connect to it with my local Rancher server. I already have a registry for my remote repo, but I can not seem to get a connection to my local docker repo. I adjusted my docker daemon to allow insecure connection and restarted the docker daemon, but could not get the docker registry container to connect to rancher on my machine at localhost:5000:

I used this:

My goal is to allow developers to test code locally before pushing anything. I would love for any suggestions on how this might be accomplished.