Docker Registry catalog?

Has there been any talk of a Docker Registry catalog? I think of Rancher as a tool that makes it easier to do normal Docker things. I know setting up a registry is not something anyone would do every day, but it may be useful to spin up a private registry for medium to large prototype projects.

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What you’d probably need in order to make this work:

  1. the registry itself (obviously), i.e. registry:2
  2. some kind of authentication service, we’re using cesanta/docker_auth
  3. some kind of external storage to store the data
  4. a way to setup SSL, so that you don’t need to disable it everywhere you want to use the registry

1+2 should be easy, 3. might not be though one might use a data-container. 4: No idea how to do this with the catalog.

I would be interested in building this, though I’d need a lot of hints probably.
I do have the setup mentioned above up and running, minus the catalog part of course.

@0ff do you have a docker-compose.yml of your setup? If so, you can just make a catalog to add.

@denise Well yes, I do. But it relies heavily on mounting local paths on my machine, as I have not yet solved issue 3+4 in a “general” way.
Right now for me it’s fine to just have the images stored away on the hosts filesystem - for a catalog entry that would not be the way to go, though.
The config (+ssl) is done in the same way - works for me, but nothing to build a catalog item upon.

Maybe you can enlighten me though: What’s the best way to have permanent storage with rancher? I though about using a data-only sidekick for storing the images - would that work?
And about config: I know you can allow for textarea inputs on catalog-item questions - can you also use them as files or only as text? I’d need a way of getting the user’s input into a file inside the docker-container - ideas? :slight_smile: