Container schedule all on to same host


So I’ve got two container hosts with a label “web.server = true” and I’ve restricted all web applications to run on those hosts. However when I start scaling the containers it puts all the containers on the same host.

Any ideas?


Can you share a screenshot of your hosts? Between the hosts, it will schedule based on how many existing containers are on your host.

Also, can you share your docker-compose.yml?

I’ve removed some sensitive data in the compose file, however there’s a fair amount in the dashboard. Currently there are 4 containers running all on one host rather than spreading between hosts with the label “web.server=true”

How many containers are on each host?

4 on one node and zero on the other for the application stack in question.

What other containers are on the host with none for the application stack? Rancher schedules containers on hosts based on how many containers (all in) are on each host.


Host A has 5 containers.
Host B has no containers.

If I try to schedule between host A and B. 5 containers will be launched on Host A before starting to schedule containers on Host B.

There is no guarantee of spread of containers onto hosts based on label. There is an open Github issue for it.