How to Setup Container Distribution?

Hi All,

I have some concern about container distribution with rancher. In my case i have this condition:

  • Rancher server HA with 3 node.
  • Rancher host with 3 node.
  • When i add number of container for my web app, it’s not distribute properly. Let say i want to add 4 container, it created one on host A and two on host B and nothing on Host C.

I think it will be nice if the container can distribute to all host. What is the missing step that should i do ?

Containers are scheduled on hosts based on how many containers are on each host. It has nothing to do with resource limitations of the hosts.

There are several ways that you handle container scheduling.

Here are some docs that could help get you started

Container scheduling in the UI

Container scheduling using Rancher-compose

The easiest way to get services distributed across all hosts is to set scheduling as *the host should not have a service with the name …" and pick your service name.