Containers / RancherVMs with additional, bridged network interfaces

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If I read your question correctly, you basically want to launch a container on our rancher managed network and have it act as a firewall/proxy to other containers within the rancher network on a host public IP? If that’s the case, you can simply launch a container in our “managed” network mode and publish the ports you wish to the host.


Hello Will,

I wouldn’t expose ports, but I need an additional network interface bridged to the second physical network interface. So the container (RancherVM container) should expose public ports by docker as a WAN interface and use a second nic als LAN interface to act as a firewall / proxy.

Docker doesn’t support bridging multiple network interfaces at the moment (as far as I know), but things could change once they introduce their libnetwork project as part of 1.8. Rancher will integrate against that and may be able to provide such features if possible.