Convoy EBS (rancher catalog)

Is there a rancher catalog entry for convoy amazon EBS?

I would like to understand this as well, will there be some Convoy EBS image or are we intended to use GlusterFs with big EBS volumes?

AFAIK, we are not currently working on a convoy EBS catalog entry for Rancher. Because of the nature of EBS (once it is mounted to a host, it can only be used on that host until it is moved), we have some additional work to do in rancher before we can support it as a catalog item.

I dont understand why that would be a limiting factor? A single host/container volume still has a lot of value. I dont always want a shared volume.

Lets say in trying to persist data storage for a database. I dont want to share that volume at all. I may want multiple instances of the same volume snapshot but I dont want to share between containers. This is the same thing as doing a sidekick data volume.


yes, I think the same - that would be really helpful. don’t need to mount a database volume two times … . I’d also appreciate this a lot! (even though application upgrades might become difficult when using start-first upgrade method)

I would also like to work with EBS + S3 within the rancher.

please add your +1 here for the Convoy EBS agent