GlusterFS not available in catalog

I’m testing the latest version or Rancher and I want to try GlusterFS, but this is not available in the catalog? Only ConvoyNFS for storage.

It was removed, see: Why the gluster and convoy-gluster catalog items gone?

I wouldn’t use Gluster in Rancher yet, its really unstable and even Rancher states no to use it. I recommend Convoy with AWS EFS or NFS in the catalog.

If you watch the last meet-up webinar you will see that Rancher are introducing a new plug-in framework that includes storage and will support Amazon EBS and EFS (with the community and vendors adding more over time). This essentially makes Convoy obsolete and whilst Rancher stated that it would continue to be support as/is for the near term, users should really look to move away from Convoy and into the new storage architecture at their earliest opportunity. At least that’s how I understood the message.