Convoy NFS agent wont start "Failed to find state.json"

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the Convoy NFS from the catalog, but the service wont start the convoy-agent in the stack fails with

#docker ps -a|grep nfs
24cb7059a835        rancher/convoy-agent:v0.7.0                                                     "/launch volume-agent"   7 minutes ago       Exited (1) 36 seconds ago  

#docker logs -f 24cb7059a835
Waiting for metadata
time="2016-04-26T12:21:29Z" level=fatal msg="Failed to find state.json" 
Waiting for metadata
time="2016-04-26T12:22:15Z" level=fatal msg="Failed to find state.json" 

Any ideas what might lead to this situation?



Rancher v1.0.1
Cattle v0.159.7
User Interface v1.0.5
Rancher Compose v0.7.4