Convoy NFS Error

Hi to all

container don’t start due to this error:

500 Server Error: Internal Server Error (“chown /var/lib/rancher/convoy/convoy-nfs-6d4b796b-2841-4191-aa16-dec99bfb852c/mnt/redis_vol: invalid argument”)

My environment

Component Version
Rancher v1.0.0
Cattle v0.159.2
User Interface v0.100.3
Rancher Compose v0.7.3

Any suggestion ?

Tnx in advance


Ok … just for others that can get the same issue, this is related to some images that try to chown something into a mounted volume, in this case if the volume is over a NFS share chown fail due to incorrect GID mapping, my actual solution is downgrade to NFSV3 with the following mount options: