Create projectRoleTemplateBindings in the cluster scope


I need to create projectRoleTemplateBindings with a token under cluster scope, but I can’t find the right url to use it

With the url https://rancherserver/v3/clusters/c-clusterid/projects/ I can see the projects, but not the right way to create projectRoleTemplateBindings

I’m using the api to create projectRoleTemplateBindings without scope cluster restricctions, I get the validation if it exists with the url https://rancherserver/v3/projectRoleTemplateBindings/projectid:projectRoleTemplateBinding_name, and I send a post with the url to create it https://rancherserver/v3/projects/p-projectid/projectRoleTemplateBindings, there is not issues.

Any idea how can I find it or create it ?