Update Projectroletemplatebindings failed

Hi guys ,
I’m try to use gitlab CI and Helm to add a user to a specific project/namespace in Racher , i can do it for the first time which deploy a helm template Projectroletemplatebindings to Rancher cluster , but when i run the command “helm upgrade --install” to deploy the same template but change the projectID , i got this error :

" Error: UPGRADE FAILED: cannot patch “u-s6m95-project-member” with kind ProjectRoleTemplateBinding: admission webhook “rancher.cattle.io.projectroletemplatebindings.management.cattle.io” denied the request: cannot update projectName for clusterRoleTemplateBinding u-s6m95-project-member: invalid request "

I think we are not allowed to patch RancherAPI ??
How can i solve this issue ?
Thank you.