creating -32bit RPMs on x86_64

Hello all,

I’m looking for pointers on how to create those typical
…-32bit.x86_64.rpm packages we see all over the x86_64 repositories.

I know how to create 32bit packages on 64bit machines.

The -32bit.x86_64.rpms contain the add-on files needed to run 32 bit
applications on 64 bit. This is especially true for RPMs containing
libraries like devel-packages.

With -devel packages, the “native” 64bit packages contain ie the libs
(for /lib64), man pages and include files. the -32bit.x86_64 packages
then only contain the 32 bit libs.

I’ve checked the spec files of several packages in the SLES
distribution but have found no clue on how these -32bit RPMs are

Is there some automatism to first create the 64bit RPM, then the 32bit
compile, then check for files that have changed and then pack only those
files into the -32bit? Is it done manually?

Thanks for any insight or pointers you can share.



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