Creating an Initial System to Deploy a Preload Image

I’m creating my PXE boot server for a mass deploy of SLED 12. I have already set up my server with dhcp server, tftp server and installation server to do this Job. I create a SLED .raw image on suse studio and i’m setting up some parameters for first boot installation.

In web page documentation there is a reference to a script that I have to edit after copy my initrd, to call the preload image that I want to use. But I can’t find this script !

Anyone know why?


[I]Unpack the previously copied initial RAM file system with the command:

zcat …/initrd | cpio -i
Edit the file

Search for the following line, delete it and the rest of the file:

[ “$debug” ] && echo preping
Add the following lines to the end of the files

[ “$debug” ] && echo preping
[ “$debug” ] && echo running
source boot/
[ “$modules” ] && load_modules

Create a new script boot/ with the following content:

if [ “$(get_param rawimage)” ]; then
rawimage=$(get_param rawimage)
if [ “$(get_param rawdevice)” ]; then
rawdevice=$(get_param rawdevice)
echo “wget -O ${rawdevice} ${rawimage}”
wget -O ${rawdevice} ${rawimage}
sleep 5
echo “DONE”


/bin/poweroff -f[/I]


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