crm configure problem under OCFS2 setting

I am trying to configure OCFS2 using SUSE11 SP3 referring pages below.

It says,

Configuring DLM and O2CB Resources

  1. Start a shell and log in as root or equivalent.
  2. Run crm configure.

but in my environment, crm configure command doesn’t work.
Error messages are shown below, and there are no other messages in /var/log.

crm configure

ERROR: running cibadmin -Ql: Could not establish cib_rw connection: Connection refused (111)
Signon to CIB failed: Transport endpoint is not connected
Init failed, could not perform requested operations

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you,

  • y.hamada

Hi y.hamad,

it seems that the cluster software is not started on your server.