CTDB(samba-ctdb) ERROR: Can't invoke /usr/bin/ctdb status

SLES 15 SP2 + HA

CTDB(samba-ctdb)[78173]: ERROR: Can’t invoke /usr/bin/ctdb status
CTDB(samba-ctdb)[20698]: ERROR: Can’t invoke /usr/bin/ctdb status

and the /var/log/ctdb/log.ctdb
2021/01/01 14:41:27.516145 ctdbd[33394]: Starting CTDBD (Version 4.11.14-git.202.344b137b75d4.14.1-SUSE-oS15.0-x86_64) as PID: 33394
2021/01/01 14:41:27.516252 ctdbd[33394]: Removed stale socket /var/run/ctdb/ctdbd.socket
2021/01/01 14:41:27.537814 ctdbd[33394]: Unable to bind to any of the node addresses - giving up
2021/01/01 14:41:27.537864 ctdbd[33394]: …/…/ctdb/tcp/tcp_init.c:76 Failed to start listening on the CTDB socket
2021/01/01 14:41:28.520974 ctdb-eventd[33396]: PID 33394 gone away, exiting

What could be wrong?
Any suggestions, comments, guesses.