Cups installation on SLED 11 sp3


I have built a thin client of SLED11sp3 in SuSEstudio. I now find that cups is not installed.
So I downloaded cups, cups-autoconfig, cups-backend, cups-drivers and tried to install cups.
It failed various dependencies like, foomatic-filters, a2ps and wdiff. I downloaded and installed these files.
The system now complains that /usr/bin/pdftops and pdftools_any is required.
These two files are not on the SLED11sp3 disk … Any ideas how to proceed?


Why don’t you add CUPS in SUSE Studio? It would resolve the needed dependencies automatically.

I could do that, but then all the other configs and lockdown would need to be re-done

Those files appear to come from the ‘poppler-tools’ RPM. Individual
system files are not ever contained on the media, but are in packages.
Have you checked this package? I assume it is on the media since I see it
on SLES installs and no SLED install would work without the package being
there somewhere… probably named poppler-tools-blahblahblah.rpm

Good luck.

Hey ab,

I dropped the poppler-tools-blahblahblah.rpm onto the thin client. Ran the RPM for poppler-tools and cups has installed an is up and running.
Now all is good again. I will give you a “star”. Shot for the help.


I’m glad to hear it, and especially thank-you for posting back your
results. I should have included them but the commands to figure this out
from a system with the files installed:


rpm -qf /usr/bin/pdftops

and from any system regardless of installed stuff as long as repositories
exist to install media:


zypper wp /usr/bin/pdftops

Good luck.