Cups is working ... BUT .....


Running SLED11sp3.

So got “cups” installed with various setting and printing test pages with no problems. When trying to print from GroupWise webaccess, I can only print to file. When trying to print from Libre Office I can only select “Generic Printer” and a thing called “SGENPRT” but again no print-out.

Any ideas …
John (still dazed and confused, but getting better … slowly) :confused:

It sounds rather like you don’t have any print queues configured, although you mention successful test prints.

Exactly what did you do to set up print queues?

What is the output of running

lpstat -a

as the same user that’s running LibreOffice and Firefox? (You reference Groupwise Web Access, I assume that’s being accessed in Firefox.)


After much fiddling with cups and finding that the “lp” commands would not work I rebuilt the image in “SuSEstudio”. Now the printing works correctly and everyone is happy again :slight_smile:

So back to the old rule of “If it doesn’t work, reboot, reinstall or re-build …”