Custom data in rancher.yml file

Is it possible to add custom data to the rancher-catalog file ? If I add any custom data the entry does not get displayed in the ui, so I was wondering if there were an official way of adding data to a catalog

These are the fields supported for rancher-compose.yml files.

I am working with jmls on this.

What we actually wanted to do was to add custom properties to the config.yml file for a catalog entry to manage extended data about the catalog entry. We are using the APIs to get data from catalog and want to be able to have extra properties in our backend solution - but all coming from the catalog.

We have tried to add extra properties to config.yml. The result is that the standard contents of the file do not get shown in the catalog cards. So it looks like adding extra properties breaks the UI.

We have managed to add extra properties to the rancher-compose.yml file - and the ones that Rancher does not look for seem to be ignored. But we have not tested if this breaks lanuched stacks.

We can see extra properties and also extra files that we add to the catalog entry version directory from the API. The problem with this is that this means we can only handle extra stuff on versions of the entries - and not for the actual entry itself.

in order for what you’re looking for, you’d need to change the rancher-catalog-service to be able to handle “extra stuff” in the entries (and not just the templates).

Please open an issue in Github.