Custom Catalog information

Do you have documentation and/or examples for adding a custom catalog? For example, directory structure, file naming conventions and any rancher specific required syntax.

Also, are there restrictions things like use of environment variables, and “extends” to pull in common/base yml files.

I just published how to create your own private catalog. I don’t know/think extends would work as we only expect the docker-compose.yml and rancher-compose.yml.

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The contents of the docker-compose.yml & rancher-compose.yml files and the set of answers provided by the user are sent to the API and run through rancher-compose.

So extends will not work because the file you want will not be there where it is run.

Defining environment variables is fine, but similarly the form where you have no equals sign and it copies the value from the host will not work because it won’t be there.

So why is a git repo required? I thought you might clone my git repo, which contains all of my compose files. So the files referenced by the extends command would be there. Well they would be on the rancher server I suppose - where the git clone was executed.

Well, mainly because we want version control on our catalog and didn’t implement anything else.

The repo is cloned and those specific 2 files are served by the catalog API and given to the UI, which sends them to the stack create API. The container in which the rancher-catalog-service and rancher-compose-executor are run are not necessarily the same.

@vincent In support for extra YAML files planned for the future?