Custom Error Backend for default nginx-ingress

How could I overwrite the default system image used as ingress default backend in rancher 2.0.x?

Long Story Short: I want to replace the “default backend - 404” error page… Since Rancher 2.0.x used the ingress default backend 1.4 image… it’s impossible to inject a custom error page inside that image, instead I would like to use the default ingress custom error image( ) which would enable me to mount a configmap to fill the /www folder inside that container…

I don’t really like the Idea of disable the default ingress to deploy a custom one just for that need… it’s sound a little overkill at my point of view just for changing the error page…

With rke modifying system_images directive (ingress_backend) would do the job but how should I process in rancher 2.0 to remain compatible with cluster upgrade?

Did using the custom error image by default as been considered by the rancher team? (just asking…)

Thanks in advance



Being able to provide custom error responses with the default controller is almost a must.

Has anyone found a solution for deploying custom default backend when using rke?