Custom Host + Virtualbox Host on the same Computer problem

I have Debian 9 OS installed with docker-ce engine and Rancher Server as a standalone Container working.
I created a custom host which work fine.

For testing purposes I want in addition a second host ( virtualbox wirh boot2docker) created by rancher ui.

But I cant create it. The only machine driver I can select is the generic one( I read somewhere that this would support virtualbox) and the host does not create (error)

Please help to achieve this second vm host.



any help would be appreciated.

The virtualbox driver assumes docker-machine is running in the same place as virtualbox, which is not the case here (since docker-machine is running inside the rancher/server container). So it’s only useful if run directly on your workstation.

The generic driver takes credentials to SSH into an existing machine and installs docker (and then in our case, the rancher agent). It doesn’t create a new VM for you, and boot2docker already has Docker installed. So it’s really not adding a lot of value.

You don’t need to use a machine driver to add a host. Basically it sounds like you just want to create a VM with the boot2docker ISO and then run the Add Host -> Custom registration command in it.

Hi Vincent,

thank you for your statement.

I have tested now the following:

  1. virtualbox install on workstation

  2. docker-machine install on workstation

  3. created an rancheros with docker-machine and virtualbox driver

  4. can connect from command line with ssh into rancheros

  5. but can not integrate this in my rancher ui from my debian 9 common host (same computer)

  6. my error is an ssh error within the rancher ui and trying adding host with generic driver

please help

please advice how to do