Debugging service issues in Rancher

I’m currently using Rancher v1.1.4 with rancher-compose v0.8.5.

When I try to start a service with a bad entrypoint defined the service continually recreates itself, and I get this:

ERRO[0001] Failed to get logs for amos_amos-worker-resque-scheduler_1: Failed to find action: logs

If I use “View logs” on the container via the Rancher UI and time it perfectly, it gives the logs / and shows the error (missing script), but most of the time I can’t view the logs this way either.

Is there any way to get logs from a misbehaving service? Or to have rancher-compose only try to start the service once so that the container is left so that we can debug it?

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I have the same question. There needs to be an easier way to get/keep these logs from failed containers, debugging is a massive pain having to expertly-time “view logs” before Rancher stops the container. Am I just missing something?