Rancher-NFS: How to debug?

I am trying to setup Rancher-NFS on Rancher 1.5.0, but it does not come up.
I tried with NFS exports from Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS7.
I assume the problem either with my Host Environment or the NFS Plugin.
Basic NFS mounting on the hosts does work.
There is this “Enable Debug” function in the template. But how do I get to see this logs?
The containers are “starting” are “stopping” that fast, that I cannot grab any logs.
How does this work? How can I find out why the NFS-Client containers are failing?
Thanks, Chris

First: got it to work. I rebooted all my nodes and the NFS containers came up fine. No idea what caused this.
But would still be interested, if there is a way of debugging a container, which is constantly restarting.
Thx, Chris