default user on logon screen

on SLES 12… during install it creates a local userID…
once logged on, I edit the system userID ‘oracle’ and start using it…
but the local userID created during the install is always the one listed on the logon screen, how do I get the system user: ‘oracle’ to be the userid defaulted on the logon screen…

You should be able to do this via /etc/gdm/custom.conf in the [greeter]

More information here;

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You should be able to do this via /etc/gdm/custom.conf in the [greeter]

I tried:

but the logon screen still just shows administrator…
it may have to do with “Any users with a user id less than 500 … are filtered out.”

I also tried:
still just shows administrator

(has a ‘not this user’ option underneath it, so I can log in as other users…)
I am on SLES 12.