Deploy Review Apps


I’m using GitLab for CI/CD. Already have my staging environment working tidy with Rancher.

Last week, GitLab announced Review Apps, which is basicaly a test environment for every merge request.

So if I open a merge request for the 22-header-color branch, the goal is to have instantly an endpoint in with deployed branch image, for immediatly testing.

My question is how to set up this in Rancher, using Rancher’s API or rancher-compose (I prefer API). I need a load balancer that dynamically points to the correct service given the requested subdomain? How can I automate this?

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

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You can do this in 1.2 by having a load balancer that uses a selector to find the services, and then putting a portRule on the service that says what hostnames should target it: