Rancher Release - v0.30.0

We are excited to announce the latest release of Rancher. We will be creating new topics in announcements category going forward.

Release v0.30.0

New Features

  • Rancher Compose CLI (v0.2.5) support for Rolling Upgrades [#1079] Users will now be able to perform a rolling upgrade on an existing service to a new service via the Rancher Compose CLI. Additional options would be to specify the target scale of the new service, the interval between each scale up/down action, the batch size of each scale up/down, and the option to turn off the automatic creation of all inbound links.
  • Labels/Scheduling for Load Balancers [#1305] - Users will now be able to set scheduling options and labels on load balancer services via the UI. Previously, only Rancher CLI support for docker compose template was supported.
  • Internal Load Balancing [#1433]- Users will now have the option to no longer publish ports on the host IP of a load balancer instance by specifying “Internal” for each listening port. These “Internal” listening ports can only be accessed via the LB instance’s managed IP (10.42.x.x) by services within the same environment.
  • Cross Stack Linking [#1577] Users will now be able to both link and load balance services across stacks.
  • Load Balancing External Services [#1573] Users will now be able to create External Service for any IP (CNAME not supported) and link it to a LB service.
  • Supporting CNAME for External Services [#1605] - External Services will now support CNAME records in addition to IP addresses.
  • Support Random IP for DNS [#1266] - Looking up a Service’s DNS entry will now result in a random container IP address or addresses. Previously, the IP addresses were returned in a fixed order.
  • Added Exoscale as Cloud Provider – Exoscale is now available as an option when adding a host through the UI. Thanks @vincentbernat for the contribution!

Known Issues

  • The UI for adding hostname and/or requests paths on the load balancer service may be refactored again to improve UX.
  • There is an UI issue where cloning an “edited” Load Balancer Service will not reflect the actual values stored in Rancher. Please “refresh” the UI to resolve this temporarily [#1662].

Major Bug Fixes since v0.28.0

  • With this release, Rancher installations behind a proxy will be supported once again. [#1572]

  • You can finally delete all targets within a LB Service [#1570]

  • Re-enabled v0.25.0 way of specifying LB ports where each port will be mapped to each target service [#704]

  • Fixed issue with handling empty or null service link names that would cause malformed ENV variables [#1564]

  • Affinity rules that do not explicitly specify a “Stack” name should be defaulted to the Stack of the Service with the affinity label [#1531]

  • Fixed issues with editing an existing listening port rule for a LB Service where it would not be properly propagated to the HAProxy instance [#1508]

  • Even more fixes to support SSL on Rancher Server [#1588, #1380, #1151, #140]
    * Circular links now work via Rancher Compose CLI! [#1498]

  • Fixed issues related to using the “extend” attribute of a docker-compose template via Rancher Compose CLI [#1556, #1641]

    For the full release notes, please visit v0.30.0 Release Notes.