Deploying apps from private repositories

Hi, I want to know apart from Docker Hub images from which all repositories can be used for deploying applications. How can we use them? Also is it possible to deploy applications using an image stored on our rancher server?

Please keep in mind that “apps” in rancher speak are helm charts.
In your question you ask about docker images, and yes, in your yaml files
you can specify any container registry reachable by the cluster.
Rancher does not come with a built-in registry, but you can add
registries via the rancher apps (e.g. Docker Registry Helm Chart).
Yours, Steffen

Can you please tell me how to use images saved in local registries (registry containers deployed on rancher server node) to deploy application on a worker node?

There’s no constraint on using any external registry so long as you can reach it from your network and, if it’s authenticated, you have credentials. We use images from both Amazon ECR and Azure Container Registry (we don’t allow images to be deployed directly from DockerHub). As far as deploying directly from an instance, you could do that it you preloaded those images beforehand and set an image pull policy that allows the use of local cache.

I am having same problem pulling images from Azure container registry. How do I configure Azure container registry for the rancher cluster ?