Support for Docker private Registries

hello all,

currently rancher support Helm private catalogs, but it will be great if we can add cataloge and host my own images behind firwall in docker registry:2

actually it does support private docker registries. I use gitlab private repo registries for example.

best regards

Where the helm catalog is stored and where the templates in it say to pull images from are entirely unrelated. Catalogs are not images and do not exist in registries.

ohh shame, the same one i used in 1.6, thank you for this !!! you made my day.

and while you are here, can i creat POD with registry:2, and then use it to store my images

if yes, what port settings are needed to manage this

Sorry I never set up a private registry:2 by myself. I think it isn´t just docker run … because you need certificates etc.