Deploying Rancher 2.0 from Rancher 2.0 Custom Cluster

Hi, like in topic - it is possible?

I’m stuck with Fatal Error:
2018/06/07 08:05:32 [FATAL] namespaces “cattle-system” is forbidden: User “system:serviceaccount:test:default” cannot get namespaces in the namespace “cattle-system”


That service account would need the clusterRole cluster-admin granted to it via a clusterRoleBinding

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Thanks a lot
So i’ve done it and…
I see a cluster from master rancher when the slave rancher was deployed

Do you know maybe how to avoid it?

Master Rancherhave a problem after slave Rancheris avalaible

Slave Rancher is annexing cluster where it is contained

Anybody can help me with this?

To not clash with the etcd, you can run rancher/rancher with command: --k8s-mode embedded --add-local false.


It works!

Thanks a lot

Solve the problem , thank you