Deploying rancher from a CI/CD pipeline using v3

Hey folks. I’m using rancher and I want to declare all of my rancher cluster using a pipeline. I figured it would be easy enough to use v3, but the API seems to make certain assumptions which make templating difficult. Specifically if I do something like dump out all my JSON with google developer tools in chrome, and I convert that to YAML so I can hand it to folks to edit to minimize poinyclicky, stuff like the ids changes. This seemed like a good idea at the time - dump all the JSON out from the form and convert it to yaml and just edit that, but stuff like the clusterId and nodeTemplateId changes. I would like to use things like clusterName and nodeTemplateName to reference these things. I expected it to work like that since that’s why we set them, right? :wink:

So, in my converted-to-yaml workers template I have:

controlPlane: false
etcd: false
quantity: 3
worker: true
type: nodePool
nodeTemplateId: user-h49hc:nt-cjjrj
clusterId: c-qhd7d
hostnamePrefix: worker

Kinda kills me because I need the clusterId instead of the clusterName. Or am I doing this wrong?