Deployment strategies for multiple datacenters

Looking for some advice on using Rancher 1.6 for container deployments across multiple datacenters.

So right now we use it mostly for our lightweight apps that live in AWS and it’s been super easy.

However, we’d like to now tackle converting some of our core services to containers and use rancher on our bare metal setup . We have multiple datacenters, Phoenix, LA, Dallas, etc. and with our config management software, we can, say, update LA first, test it, then roll the deployment out datacenter at a time.

With rancher 1.6, I’m not seeing or finding a way to target upgrades by host, either by label or hostnames. I know i can do like batch upgrades and space them out over time, however it seems to pick hosts at random, which won’t work.

Anyone out there in a similar situation have a clever way around this? I know Rancher 2 it looks like might solve this but we’re not ready for that yet :slight_smile: