Multitenancy with Rancher?

Anyone ever used rancher in a multitenancy envrionment and got any tips?


I have not, but I think 2.x version is supposed to have this as a built in feature.

I do not know how/if you can in 1.x version.

1.6 assumes an environment fully owns its hosts and the members of those environment are part of the same tenant.

As @sdevries said, 2.0 will support multitenancy. We’ll accomplish by leveraging kubernetes namespaces. So, basically, a tenant will get a namespace, or group of namespaces, that share hosts with other tenant namespaces.

Sounds awesome - so coming out soon? Thanks

I believe the November meetup video mentioned a Rancher 2 tech preview 2 in December showcasing a large chunk of what was not in Tech Preview 1. So RBAC, Project / Cluster Management, and Storage.

Tentatively, Beta by January and GA by March. Granted, that was 3-4 weeks ago, so things may have changed.

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