Detected error on rancher-monitoring (duplicate YAML key)

Hi all!
Recently I tried to configure rancher-monitoring with the latest version of Flux2 and due to their update with Kustomize v4 (Breaking changes in Flux due to Kustomize v4 · Issue #1522 · fluxcd/flux2 · GitHub) when you have a duplicate YAML keys it blocks the deploy, in my case of the Helm Chart.

Checking the rancher-monitoring chart, I detected a duplicate key in the resource ClusterRole with name monitoring-edit, I attach the render of this part of the chart:

# Source: rancher-monitoring/templates/rancher-monitoring/clusterrole.yaml
kind: ClusterRole
  name: monitoring-edit
  labels:  Helm RELEASE-NAME "100.0.0_up16.6.0" rancher-monitoring
    chart: rancher-monitoring-100.0.0_up16.6.0
    release: "RELEASE-NAME"
    heritage: "Helm" "true"
- apiGroups:
  - alertmanagers
  - prometheuses
  - prometheuses/finalizers
  - alertmanagers/finalizers
  - 'get'
  - 'list'
  - 'watch'
- apiGroups:
  - thanosrulers
  - thanosrulers/finalizers
  - servicemonitors
  - podmonitors
  - prometheusrules
  - podmonitors
  - probes
  - alertmanagerconfigs
  - '*'

You can check this rendering the template with this following command:

helm template <name of repo>/rancher-monitoring

Like you can see there is a duplicate rules: key, I tried to check if there is a repo with this code to commit PR but I didn´t found it, would be awesome if this fix is deployed in the next release.

Thanks for all, I love rancher and all their apps.

If you need more info about this problem it´s a pleasure to help you.