Missing rancher-monitoring from apps on k3s cluster

Hi everyone,

I have 4x raspberry pi4s cluster with k3s cluster and I have imported it to Rancher UI successfully. However, I am missing the option to install the rancher-monitoring helm chart via the Apps menu and I am sure I had it available before when I was testing out some time ago.

I am thinking could it be the ARM support, but that should be cleared some time ago as I have seen older post about it. What doesn’t make sense is that I see Kubecost chart available with Prometheus and Grafana, but not just the rancher-monitoring tools.

k3s version is v1.29.4+k3s1
Rancher - v2.8.3
Helm - v2.16.8-rancher2

When I open the Apps or the cluster tools page, I see everything except the prometheus and grafana tool. I have full admin access to the UI. The Rancher UI is deployed on EC2 and the cluster is on-prem.


@TheFrostKing Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
AFAIK the latest supported k3s in Rancher is 1.27.13+k3s1 or 1.28.9+k3s1(experimental), so the monitoring won’t be available…
Ref: https://www.suse.com/suse-rancher/support-matrix/all-supported-versions/rancher-v2-8-3/