Direct access to the Upstream Kubernetes Cluster API

Hello community
I have created a service account on a Kubernetes upstream cluster. The account is used by an application (hosted outside of the cluster) who needs the service account to directly access the Kubernetes API via curl. The problem is that I don’t know how to access the rest API directly, because normally i use the rancher url.

I have tried to access the IP of the control plane. Unfortunately without success.

Has anyone successfully used curl to access the Kuberneets Upstreap Rest API?

Direct access depends on the kind of cluster/what provisioned it, but would normally be port 6443 on one of the control plane nodes.

You can also go through us, https://<your server>/k8s/clusters/<cluster id> gets you to the k8s API for any cluster. But we authenticate the request before proxying to the cluster and can’t do that with service accounts, so that only works with our API keys.

Thanks vincent. I was able to connect